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Hidden Valley Mud Bog 2020

Call 304 934-5557 with any questions

Full concessions available, $10 per person, each day, general admission.  Ages 10 and under are FREE!  

CLASS                        ENTRANCE FEE

4-6 CYLINDER          $20

PURE STREET           $20

STREET                      $20

MOD STREET            $25

HOT STREET             $40


OPEN                          $50



  **************SAME AS 2018 RULES**************



***4-6 CYLINDERS***

BODY- stock body and suspension (lift kits allowed) minimum trimming for tire clearance

ENGINES- 4-6 cylinders ONLY

TIRES- any size DOT uncut tires. Front/back tires must be same height



BODY- stock body (the way it come from factory)

ENGINE- stock engine, NO modifications, has to be factory available

SUSPENSION- stock style suspension (lift kits allowed)

TIRES- any size DOT uncut tires. Front/back tires must be same height



BODY- full body truck frame, matching full interior (race seats allowed) gas tank in stock location, fuel cells allowed, battery in stock location

SUSPENSION- factory type suspension (lift kits allowed)

TIRES- any DOT approved tire (no cuts). Front/back tires must be same height

ENGINE- modified engines to for make of vehicle (no aluminum heads), no bigger than 850 cfm carbs (fuel injection allowed) Big blocks allowed. No V-8 in mini trucks or suv unless factory available. Must have proof of registration and insurance (completely street legal). Headers allowed, must have exhaust past the cab



BODY- stock appearing body, minimal cutting for tire clearance, fuel cells allowed in bed, battery can be moved, must have dash, head lights, tail lights

SUSPENSION- factory style suspension (minimum of 3 leaf springs) lift kits allowed

TIRES- any size DOT tires (no cuts).

ENGINE- any engine size but must match make of vehicle. NO aluminum heads (OEM Block and OEM Head), any 4150 flange carb are allowed, V-8 are allowed in small trucks but body must match frame, NO big blocks in small trucks or suv. DOES NOT have to be street legal.



BODY- stock appearing bodies only, minimal cutting for tire clearance only. Body must match wheel base +/- 3”.

Firewall cannot be cut, relocated or reshaped. Must retain factory floor pan. After market gauges with no factory gauge cluster are ok. Must have windshield, door glass and back window (glass can be replaced with lexan or equivalent). Bumpers, mirrors and tailgate NOT required. Must have full floor and bed (flatbeds must be tracked approved). Driver must sit in stock position. All vehicles must have minimum 4 point roll cage to cover driver, tied to frame. Must have seat belts or at least 4 point harness.

CHASSIS- Full uncut factory frame front to rear +/- 3”. Factory style suspensions only. Aftermarket lift kids allowed (no removal of leaf springs allowed, no fiberglass leaf springs allowed), independent front suspension swap to stock type leaf or coil spring is acceptable. Ladder bars or traction bars allowed (no 4 or 3 links, floaters or coil over shocks). Front and rear differentials, transmissions and transfer case must be stock type and position, 2.5 tons are acceptable, all vehicles must be within 102” width. Transmission modifications and trans brakes allowed (must be shielded). Factory type power steering systems only (2.5 ton axles allowed hydraulic steering), No drop boxes


ENGINES- V-8 conversations allowed in mini trucks BUT if a conversation is done it must be a small block, big blocks allowed in full size trucks only that had V8 as a factory option. This is to compensate between the significant weight differences between a mini truck with a V8 and a full size truck. Factory or aftermarket blocks are allowed (no aluminum blocks) unless factory option. After market steel or aluminum heads okay. Steel or aluminum intakes. Single gasoline carb only (all carbs subject to track approval). Factory OEM fuel injections only. Engine mounted in stock location only (no engine set back) +/- 3”. Downdraft headers are allowed, No nitrous oxide, methanol, alcohol or aftermarket fuel additives. Racing or pump gasoline only. Must have fuel cell or factory gas tank. Fuel cell must be mounted in bed or away from driver.

TIRES- must be DOT tire. NO cut tires

~*~ This class is required to wear fire jacket and long pants



Axle must be under 2.5 tons. Must have a metal firewall and floor board. Driveshaft loops required. Must have 4 or 5 point harness, no factory seatbelts allowed, roll cage tied into frame. Fuel cell/tank must be mounted securely away from driver. Must have at least two wheel brakes or a pinion/driveline brake on both front and rear driveshaft/pinions. Factory production frame +/- 6” length, must be a factory production type frame, boxing factory frame is ok NO narrowed frames or tube frames (round or square). Stock type suspension (le: leaf sprung vehicles must have leaf springs, coil spring vehicles must have coil springs) must be factory production type suspension, independent front suspension swaps to factory type leaf or coil sprung suspension is acceptable. Traction/ladder bars are fine. Air or nitrogen shocks are ok on leaf spring vehicles with a minimum of two leaf (no coilovers just shocks). Outer body must have 75% stock “appearance” of some kind of factory production vehicle. Tailgates not necessary. Body may be fiberglass only if full framed-tied roll cage equipped, body must maintain 75% stock appearance. Radiator location is not limited (front/back/whatever). Steering type is not limited (linkage/hydro/whatever). Tires-any size DOT tire, cuts, paddle allowed.

~*~This class is required to wear fire jacket and fire pants



Run what you bring. Must have metal firewall and floor board, driveshaft loops requited, must have 4 or 5 point harness (no factory seatbelts allowed), roll cage tied into frame requited. Fuel cell/tank must be mounted securely away from driver. Must have at least two wheel brakes or pinion/driveline brake on both front and rear driveshaft/pinions. Tires-DOT, cuts, paddle, V-treads

~*~This class is required to wear fire jacket and fire pants

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